Simple Group Collaboration

Why choose CommunityZero? The reason is: it's simple. But behind the basic interface lies an award-winning suite of tools and features to power your team to work better by sharing, communicating and collaborating together online.

Offered as a hosted service and validated by more than two million users, CommunityZero has been powering some of the world's largest organizations for over a decade. Sites are private, brandable and easily scale from supporting small teams up to enabling multiple communities and many thousands of users.

In addition to a large feature list of collaboration tools, CommunityZero is also fully translated into both English and French language and is Section 508 compliant for use in US Government departments.

Communication and Collaboration

  • Shared calendar with member notifications
  • Powerful database tool with customizable forms, fields and member notifications
  • Online polls tool to gauge member opinions
  • Member directory to view profiles, email members and follow recent content contributions
  • Gather feedback via discussion forums
  • File-sharing with version history
  • Create rich, formatted web-based articles
  • Instant messenger and chat for real-time, text-based conversations
  • Easily share photos, audio and video files
  • Community start page highlights new content
  • Email notifications of important events
  • Two-way dialog via comments and notes
  • Gather member insights with community polls
  • RSS feeds

Control and Reporting

  • Set access to communities, contacts and content
  • Rename and reorder community tools as needed
  • Organize members into easy-to-manage groups
  • Set content moderation
  • Integrates with other enterprise applications
  • View daily, weekly, and monthly statistics for the community
  • Monitor community traffic and usage
  • Integrates with Google Analytics

Setup and Customization

  • SSL certification (optional)
  • Persistent storage and back-up
  • Email verification
  • Blocks denial of service (DDoS) attacks
  • Java-based application
  • MySQL database support
  • Section 508 compliant
  • Integrates with corporate directories (SSO)
  • Choose your own site URL
  • Hosted, white label offering to mirror your brand
  • French or English language interface
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